How to Book a JetBlue Airways Flights?

Capture.PNG JetBlue Airways, known to customers as JetBlue, began operations in 2000 and now offers flights to over 150 destinations throughout the United States, Caribbean, Latin America, and Europe. The company has built its reputation on providing friendly and reliable service with an emphasis on customer satisfaction, which includes best-in-class amenities and affordable prices. JetBlue operates out of 5 hubs in the US: Boston Logan International Airport; John F Kennedy International Airport; Long Beach Airport; Orlando International Airport; Tijuana International Airport. To book a JetBlue Flight using their online booking process, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Select your Travel Destination JetBlue Airways Official Website

You can either select from one of JetBlue destinations (this is basically a list of popular locations) or you can input an exact destination by choosing Zip Code or City, State. Keep in mind that at times there may be additional fees for flying into certain airports, so make sure you check each airport before hitting search. Once you’ve selected your destination and hit search, you will then see all available JetBlue flights in that area with prices and dates. This is where it gets exciting! If you find a flight that works for you, great! If not, continue reading. Just visit the JetBlue Official Website.

Step 2: Search for your flights on JetBlue Airways

Now, if you already know which day you’re going and how many people are in your group, head over to JetBlue low fares calendar. You can book your trip up to nine months in advance on our full fare calendar. Once you’ve found your dates and which fares are available, click Add JetBlue Flights on that day. This will place them into your shopping cart. If there isn’t anything for those dates/fares, then you can either sign up for fare alerts or try again later when new seats may have opened up in these popular flight times. Or, if you prefer not to have any restrictions on your flights (such as only being able to fly certain days of the week), then select our Anytime Fares Calendar. When it comes time to choose JetBlue Airways flights, we’ll show you all of your options from all of our destinations at once—no more scrolling through pages of results! To get started with booking now, go ahead and enter some information about yourself below: Our system automatically selects one-stop itineraries whenever possible; however, we'll still search two-stop itineraries so that you can see all of your options.

Step 3: Choose your flight details in JetBlue Manage Flight Booking Option

Now that you have selected your flights, it’s time to fill in more details about your trip. This is where you need to choose a seat and meal preferences. You can choose an A, B, or C seat or request an upgrade (which will cost money).The choice is up to you and depend on what type of seat would suit your needs. If you don’t care what seat you get and are simply looking for availability; select whatever works best for me option works well too. For me personally, I always opt for an aisle seat so I have easy access in case I need to get up throughout my flight. JetBlue manage flights option help you to book new flights, manage your flights, change and upgrade seat on JetBlue.

Step 4: Enter your JetBlue flight information

The last step in booking your JetBlue book flight on is to verify that you've correctly entered all of your information. You should have seen an Attention link before, but it will be missing now. Click on Start JetBlue flights reservation. If everything is correct, click on Continue. If there's an error, you can change it by clicking on the drop-down menu next to any text field and finding where it says Modify. Make any changes and click Continue until you're back at Step 5.

Step 5: Verify your JetBlue flight information

After you have found your desired flight and checked your credit card information, you will be brought to another page. Verify that all of your information is correct. Once you are satisfied with everything, click on Create My JetBlue Account at the bottom of your screen. This will take you back to Step 1 (where you began entering in all of your information) but with an additional box that asks for verification that everything on your account page is accurate. Then click on flight booking options. You will get the message successfully book the flights tickets. If you face the problems to book the flights at online then directly call to JetBlue Customer Services Phone Number “+1-888-720-1433” for instant help.