How to Manage JetBlue Airways Booking?


If you have ever used JetBlue Airways’ booking system, you know that it can be tricky to understand at first, especially since there are different ways to change or cancel your reservation depending on what kind of ticket you bought and when you made the reservation. Luckily, our guide on how to manage flight JetBlue Airways will walk you through the process step-by-step so that by the end, you’ll be an expert at JetBlue Airways management.

Log into your Account at Jetblue Website

Once you log into your account, hover over Account and then click on Manage My Booking. This will lead you to a drop-down menu where you can check specific details about Jetblue flight schedule, including date and time, in-flight meal preference, how many checked bags you're bringing along, etc. If it's not your first time going through these steps, a list of previously selected options will appear so that you can confirm everything is still correct before booking. However, if it is your first time with JetBlue or if you haven't logged into your account in a while there will be an option at the bottom that says: Book my trip. Click here.

Change or Cancel Your Jetblue Reservations

If you’re stuck between decisions, you can check out all your options by visiting JetBlue Manage Booking page, logging in with your username and password. This will allow you to see your Jetblue flight status, history, number of miles available, rewards status, etc. You'll also have access to an interactive seating chart. If there’s a problem with your reservation, click on Contact Us at the bottom of Manage My Booking and let them know what went wrong (make sure you have proof of purchase if it’s a refund issue). If they're at fault, they’ll either fix it or give you a refund.

Schedule a Trip

Jetblue Manage Trip - The very first thing you'll need to do is figure out where you want to go. If it's a business trip, your destination might be determined by your client or boss. If it's a personal trip, there are a ton of things that could motivate you: family vacations, favorite cities, places you've always wanted to visit, etc.

Search Jetblue Flights

I often hear from my friends that they love how easy it is to search Jetblue flights on their computer but not so much on their phone. I completely understand why! Searching for flights on your phone can be a pain in some cases. Thankfully, Google has streamlined what you need to know and made it very easy for you to check flight times quickly using Google Flights. Just type in your city and state, then click on a date range, select whether you’re looking for an evening or morning flight (if applicable), and click Search Flights! You can even sort by price (lowest or fastest) while still staying organized by time. Pretty slick, right?

Add A Companion To An Existing Reservation

jetblue-flight-reservation.PNG The price of a ticket purchased on our website may change after you add a Companion or an additional seat or luggage. You can view changes in pricing by going to View Account and then selecting Jetblue manage flights option. In addition, once you have booked your reservation, we will periodically make price adjustments for certain fares; however, if you are concerned about your fare, you can purchase through JetBlue without being charged additional fees. Simply call us at 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) within 24 hours of booking and ask one of our Reservation Agents to charge your card when it is convenient for you.

Add A Ticket To An Existing Reservation

You can add a one-way or roundtrip flight at any time using your existing Jetblue flights reservations number and confirmation code. Look for a link on your itinerary marked Add Flight. After you enter your res number and confirmation code, it'll tell you whether there's an open seat. If so, select Buy and follow its instructions. If not, try again later.

Upgrade To Economy Comforts on select flights

Due to popular demand, Economy Comforts is now available on select A320 aircraft. So, sit back and relax with a seat that offers you more legroom. Stretch out your legs and make yourself at home as you enjoy food and beverages in our complimentary Main Cabin® Select service. To guarantee Economy Comfort, book by May 15 for travel between September 1 – December 19. Economy Comfort availability is limited; seats are only released at check-in when it's confirmed there's enough space on board.