What You Should Know About JetBlue's Baggage Policy

jetblue-baggage-weight.webp If you’re planning on traveling soon, make sure you know the JetBlue Baggage Policy so that you can avoid any baggage fee surprises when you arrive at your destination. Here’s what you need to know about JetBlue Check in and JetBlue Carry on baggage policies, including size and weight restrictions, fees and optional surcharges, etc. (You can also check out their Pet Policy, courtesy of JetBlue.)

Checked bag fees in JetBlue Airways

Understanding your checked bag fees before you go to check in is a good idea. Not only will it save you money, but it’ll also prevent frustration at check-in when you don’t have to worry about taking time to pay for an extra bag and can instead focus on getting through security quickly. When booking JetBlue Airlines Tickets , first find out if your airline charges for checked bags; if so, what’s your personal limit?

Free bags - JetBlue Airlines

On JetBlue flights within North America, you can check up to five bags for free. Flights outside of North America and on partner airlines will allow only two bags per customer. If you’re traveling with more than one person, any additional checked bags are $30 each for a trip within North America or $40 each for international trips. Still, if you’re flying with family or friends, that’s a lot of savings on baggage fees—especially if your group has more than one carry-on bag apiece! Just remember that you should check at least one bag (with no weight limit) to ensure that it meets all of your travel needs.

Carry-on bags Policy in JetBlue Airlines

As part of your carry-on bag, you may bring a small, soft-sided cooler (or freezer pack) for perishable food items. As long as your carry-on bag fits in your overhead bin or under your seat, JetBlue Personal Item Size limitations is to fit your one personal item within 18 x 14 x 8 box. We will also allow one collapsible wheeled cart/bag, up to 24 in length and 10 in diameter, each containing one hard shell case no larger than 9, as checked baggage. These cases must be unlocked and able to be lifted by two people. There is no charge for these items when checking them with your luggage.

Luggage weight limits in JetBlue Airways

You can bring two checked bags and one carry-on all JetBlue flights. For most cities, both bags must weigh 50 pounds or less for travel within Florida, Puerto Rico and New York; 55 pounds or less for travel within other states in New York (except Long Island); 60 pounds or less to/ from/ within international destinations; and 100 pounds or less when traveling between JetBlue JFK and LGA airports. For example, if you’re flying from Boston to Ft. Lauderdale with a change in Orlando and your bags together weight 75 pounds at check-in, they’ll have to be weighed separately: there’s no combined JetBlue Baggage Weight Limit if you have multiple stops.

Excess baggage fees in JetBlue Airways

Fees for each piece of excess baggage start at $50 and can go up to $200. If you're flying domestically within California, Oregon, or Nevada, it will cost $50 to check your first bag, and then $25 for each additional bag. For international flights within North America, it costs $100 to check your first bag, plus $50 for additional bags. And don't forget that JetBlue Baggage Fees are higher if you don't book a bag ahead of time. If you wait until arriving at the airport, there will be an extra charge of up to $200 per bag.